Welcome to the Ruggit Collars.

Hello everyone we at Ruggit Collars are creating and innovating collars for 2017 by creating great designs for dog collars as well as cat collars.  


We focus on comfort and cuteness for our little fur babies as well as our big pooch's.  We take pride in our customer service and products very serious. Our reviews reflect our efforts. Come on in and visit, shop for a well-deserved experience.

 ~ Our Mission ~

Ruggit Collars mission is to bring to the pet industry collars that are unique yet staying in latest fashion mode and technologies. All of Ruggit Collars products are customized making sure our customers get what they want.. Customization deals with sizes, colors, embroidery, laser engraving and materials giving us a wide field for dynamic styles that will captivate the masses.